Information Note for Refugees and Immigrants



  • Crossing or attempting to cross the border illegally, i.e. without a valid passport, travel document, visa if necessary, is considered a violation and is subject to a deportation decision pursuant to Article 54 of the Foreigners and International Law.
  • Despite the statements by the authorities that there will be no checks on Turkey’s border line with Europe, those who exit or enter the country illegally or attempt to do so are likely to face some sanctions, including deportation and administrative detention decisions.
  • If you want to change your mind and return after crossing the border line and entering the buffer zone or the territory of Greece/Bulgaria, it is possible that you will not be allowed into the territory of Turkey due to illegal entry into Turkey and administrative decisions, including deportation, may be taken about you.
  • If you are under international protection or temporary protection, there is a risk that you will lose your status and be deported if you leave the city you are registered in without a written permission from the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Therefore, it is wrong to think that Turkey has opened the borders and allowed to leave Turkey.
  • Since Greece does not allow entries, there has been a significant accumulation on the land border line and the region is cold, rainy; hunger; There are great problems due to the lack of services such as clean water, toilet-shower, hygiene problems and lack of health services. If this situation continues, there is a risk of serious health problems, including epidemics. Especially children, pregnant, sick and elderly people may have weak resistance to these conditions.


  • The Greek Government has declared that it will not allow illegal crossings through the border under any circumstances. With the support of the European Border Agency Frontex, Greece and Bulgaria have increased security measures at their border lines.
  • The Greek Government fires and uses violence in the form of gas, sound and fog booms, plastic and real bullets against those who cross the land border with Turkey, those who want to pass, and those waiting in the buffer zone. It has been reflected in the media that at least four people have lost their lives due to this use of violence so far. There are very serious risks for those who want to cross the land border due to the use of violence.
  • Those who cross the land border into Greece are detected by the Greek security forces and those who cooperate with them and are kept in closed places. In this case, it is claimed that all personal belongings of people including identity, passport, money, telephone and clothes were taken from them and in some cases they were beaten and returned to Turkey.
    It has announced that it will conduct military exercises with real bullets on the land border starting from Meriç and the sea border in the Aegean Sea.
  • The Greek Government has announced that it has suspended asylum applications and that no new asylum applications will be accepted for one month. There is a possibility that this period may be extended. In addition, the closed borders prevent the refugees who have crossed to Greece in some way to pass to the coastal Balkan countries.
  • Irregular crossings by sea are also illegal as on land and carry great risks. A large number of people have lost their lives so far in the passages by sea.
  • While passing by sea, it is possible that the vehicle you are in gets water and capsizes due to bad weather conditions. Also, the Greek Coast Guard or Frontex forces controlling the border may try to block your entry. During this blocking, news that force was used, rubber boats were punctured, and the boat was at risk of sinking were reflected in the media.
  • The exit to the shores of those who reach the islands can be prevented by security forces or civilian elements.
  • It has been announced that those who set foot on the islands will be taken to Athens by military ships and deported to their country of origin.


Greece does not allow crossings from the land or sea border.

Irregular crossings by land and sea are hindered by violence.

There are allegations that the personal belongings of those crossing the land border were taken and beaten.

Those who cross the land border are forcibly pushed back to Turkey.

Those who want to cross the sea border are also stopped and forced to return.

It has been stated that those who somehow reach the islands will be taken to Athens and deported to their own countries.

Greece has announced that it will not accept asylum applications for one month.

Greece uses life-threatening gas, fog, sound bombs, plastic and real bullets to stop the crossings at the land border.

Greece has announced that it will conduct military exercises with real bullets on land and sea border lines.

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